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Barriers and Benefits: The Path to Accessible Makerspace

Allen, Katherine and Balaska, Audrey K. and Aronson, Reuben M. and Rogers, Chris and Short, Elaine Schaertl

Academic Conference

October 23, 2023

From ``Thumbs Up'' to ``10 Out of 10'': Reconsidering Scalar Feedback in Interactive Reinforcement Learning

Yu, Hang and Aronson, Reuben and Allen, Katherine and Short, Elaine Schaertl

Academic Conference

October 5, 2023

"Screening and Selection of COTS Equipment for the TSCEI-ADI Segment of the Zumwalt Destroyer"

Allen, Katherine and coauthors

Industry Conference

October 9, 2007

(no link available)

"Self-assembling Wireless Autonomously Reconfigurable Module Design Concept"

Shuonan Dong and Katherine Allen and Paul Bauer and Brett Bethke and Amy Brzezinski and Thomas Coffee and Richard-Duane Chambers and Marcos Flores and Allison Gallagher-Rodgers and John Head and Michael Heiman and Nick Hoff and Colleen Horin and Michael Horvath and Elizabeth Jordan and John Keesee and Seong-Min Kim and Edmund Kong and Agnieszka Koscielniak and Scott Lawrence and June Marquiss and Christopher McQuin and Jordan McRae and David Miller and James Modisette and Jasmin Moghbeli and Simon Nolet and Audrey Schaffer and Cemocan Yesil

Academic Conference

October 17, 2005

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