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ModPods: Future Travel System



Design of a modular, pod-based transportation system for multimodal, transfer-free local, regional, intercontinental or even interplanetary travel

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Designed a future transporation system inspired by the flying car system in Terra Ignota by Ada Palmer: 

“a world where globe-spanning flying cars have done away with geographic nations” and by the real-world Dubai Pods.   

Rather than flying cars or systems with integrated wheels, we devised a system that could transition between modes seamlessly: it arrives at your house as an autonomous electric car, connects to other electric cars on the highway to save energy, and then transfers at the train station to a rail systen to get into the city.  In the city, it can transfer back to wheels to take you to work, or transfer you to a PodBoat or a PodPlane for intercontinental travel.

We surveyed 71 current transportation users in the US, UK, and Europe, and integrated their feedback into our design.

We created a CAD model and miniature 3D printed prototype of the pods themselves, and a high fidelity prototype of the app used to summon and direct the pods.  

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Noor Khan, Kat Allen, Liheng Xu, Andrés Hernández

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