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Mighty Mom Utility Belt



First Prize Winner of the MIT "Make the Breast Pump Not Suck" Hackathon, a fashionable, discreet, hands-free wearable pump that automatically logs and analyzes the user's personal data.

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Leveraging my engineering background, my sewing and design skills, and my experience as a nursing mother (and with the help of my 1 year old son, who spent the entire hackathon in a baby carrier on my back!), my team of 12 parents, engineers, and medical professionals created a functional prototype of a wearable and discreet "smart pump" for breastfeeding parents to use on-the-go with automated data collection, automated shut-off to avoid spills, "zip tube" hardware for easy cleaning and adaptable placement on the body, and a stylish utility belt so it can be used anywhere at any time.

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Ioannis Smanis, Erin Freeburger, Kat Allen (as Kat Sniffen), Val Hanson, Tim Brothers, Robyn Churchill, Joseph Hollmann, Santiago Alfaro, Caitlin Key Alfaro, Don Blair, Ashley Ng, Revital Gabay

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