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AN/TPY-2 EEC thermal management system


Mechanical Engineering

Thermal management for an all-weather command and control datacenter

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A datacenter in the desert, a datacenter in snow - extreme operating temperatures and a potential combat environment make thermal management a unique challenge for mobile radar command and control. The AN/TPY-2 system identifies ballistic missiles and provides targeting solutions for interception, protecting civilian and military targets around the world. Kat visited deployed AN/TPY-2 sites around the world to repair the pre-existing thermal management systems and characterize the failures by measuring system characteristics during operation, especially during abnormal operation cycles. Kat analyzed existing system inadequacies for the thermal management system in the datacenter and operations command center, and specified requirements for a new thermal management system to address system reliability challenges and airflow issues within the datacenter. Kat completed a requirements design review with the customer stakeholders in April 2010 and the thermal management system construction contract was awarded to a subcontractor in May 2010. The first EME was delivered to the US Navy in May 2010.

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