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Babywearing Education

I have been a babywearing educator since 2011, with first Boston Babywearers, then Babywearing International of Greater Boston, and now Bay State Babywearers . 

Through all the name transitions, our mission has remained the same: empowering families and caregivers by helping them learn about and feel comfortable with wearing their children in carriers.

As a member of the Board of Directors, I have served in every possible role, leading the organization as President, documenting our decisions as Secretary, managing finances and ensuring we maintain 501c3 status as Treasurer, managing the extensive baby carrier lending library as Librarian, and working with clients as an Educator.

As a Master Educator for BWI of Greater Boston, in addition to working with clients to achieve their babywearing goals and find the perfect carrier for their families, I trained new educators and certified them to help families.  I helped develop resources to teach educators-in-training how to meet families where they are in their journey, while ensuring that everyone is safe and comfortable. I also explored the more technical side of babywearing and ergonomics, presenting on the Biomechanics of Babywearing at the International Babywearing Conference in 2016.

And as a member of the BWI National Board of Directors, I served first as a Member at Large and then as Secretary for a working Board of 10-15, overseeing a nationwide organization of over 1000 volunteers spread across 6 time zones as we transitioned from an all-volunteer organization to a model with paid executive staff, including hiring our first Executive Director.

Feel free to reach out with babywearing questions, either by email, or via our Facebook page or join our Facebook social group!

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