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Head and shoulders shot of a light-skinned Nishnabe woman with many freckles. She has teal and brown hair in two low braids,  purple and teal cat-eye glasses, large beaded rocketship-shaped earrings, and a black henley shirt.

PhD Candidate in Human-Robot Interaction and Mechanical Engineering at Tufts University,

advised by Elaine Short (AABL Lab)

and Chris Rogers (FETLab of the CEEO)

A 3-armed brachiating robot is viewed from above, with its center 3-fingered hand on the front, partial bar, and its two back 3-fingered grippers on a full bar in the bottom of the image.  It is made of brightly-colored PLA suggesting 3D printing, and wires and motors are visible suggesting a prototype.
Two robots are viewed in front of a whiteboard suggesting a laboratory setting.  The robot on the right side of the image is powered off, but the robot on the left is on, with its low-fi LED face smiling while it holds a 2 lb handweight out in its 7DoF arm. The robot is about 1.2 m tall.
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