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Signal Detection



A short experiment in signal detection using PEBL (the Psychology Experiment Building Language)

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Experiment using the PEBL: The Psychology Experiment Building Language to explore signal detection theory.


The user is informed in advance that there will be either the same amount of “A” and”B” prompts, 3 times as many As as Bs, or 1/3 as many As as Bs, and is given examples of both A and B prompts. The user is told that most, but not all, B prompts have more stars than A prompts.  

For analysis, the “hit rate” is defined with B being the detection goal, so if the user chose B and the stimulus was actually B, that’s a hit, if they chose A and it was actually a A stimulus, that’s a “Correct Reject”. A “Miss”, therefore, is when they chose A but the stimulus was B, and a “False Alarm” is if they chose B but the displayed stimulus was A.

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Kat Allen

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